by Pulled Apart

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released March 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Pulled Apart Ireland

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Track Name: Haruspex
World is everything that is the case
Cold and vast and unknowable place
Eyes to the sky; what do you see
Pyres of ancient memories

Peel apart your mind
Take a look inside
Confront your own abyss
Take stock of what's amiss
Space inside is greater
Than the one above your head
Infinitude of thoughts
Burden that can never be shed

Pinhole visions
Look within
Arcane secrets older than time
Eden's appleseeds locked therein
Symbols beyond division
Above reason
Walk across the razor's edge
Shatter the vessel; the order is beaten

Step of a reality scale
Insight of a hen's entrails
Formless gestures, empty words
Pictures of logic and the Rule of Thirds
Stay silent if you cannot speak
Truth and insight you choose to seek
They're elusive, they're unknown
Can be pointed to but never be shown
Shine a light in the dark
Words won't find their mark
Life in the next; not in the now
Won't be enslaved by a golden cow

Inculcate the codes
Ineluctable modes
Bled from the throat
Green sash, black cloak
Truth is just a word
Your knowledge is absurd
No shape, no size
I live; body dies
Empire of One
Fatherless son
Anchored to flesh
Gravity, sensation

As the pieces are replaced
Memory in logical space
Bone-dwelling omens are effaced
Extension beyond the plane
Self-knowledge is profaned
Our failure's in the blood
Borne within us since the flood
Chained to modality
You'll never touch reality.
Track Name: Old Croghan Man
Ancient king, husband of Danu
His reign is over; the soils are barren
Bound with hazel, axed in the head
The king dethroned in this life and the next

Cruel winter; we've angered the goddess
The king has failed, forgotten his promise
Rend his bosom, perform the rite
Sever his body in three strikes

Mired in blood and shame
To ease your kinsmen's pain
Cast in sacred earth
Where there is death there is rebirth.
Track Name: Know Again
Redeeming the time, days of evil
Shepherd ascends, borne by an eagle
Written in stone, eroded by years
In springs and wheels and gears

Transmuting sin and forging grace
Reaching the pure from thoughts debased
Houses of truth, bricks of lies
Salvation's disguise

Golden hours, diamond minutes
Two white bulls point to the limits
Moments copied, faked and feigned
Know thyself again

Rank, file, cheats, liars
Imprinting vistas with our desires
Sun is buried, then disinterred
Kingship conferred

Buying all that cannot be touched
Empty ideas serve as a crutch
Fetish strangles its disciples
Poisonous idols

Recognition shrouded in doubt
Pray for storms, murder a drought
Been here before and I will return
Choke on a gyre until I learn

Know thyself again.
Track Name: Hounds
As we approach the new dawn of the singularity
Wonder if my mind's gonna last forever
In Spiritus Mundi

Hound of the ether slouches towards us
Bloody fangs of change
Gestate in mechanical wombs
Our spheres rearranged

Digital metamorphosis of biological life
Swept into a world of binary
Genetic codes transcribed

Cast off the old flesh
Commune with the hive mind
Dive into the digital soup
And leave your body behind

Pure water touching clear sky

I don't want to be consumed
In the rise of machines
Rather take a knife to my wrist
Than become a machine
The reign of the artilects
Is here to stay
It's the only way

To new gods we pray, to keep the hounds at bay.
Track Name: Prima Materia
Loaded up on a crate of booze
Got nothing, nothing to lose
The scales weighted to one side
Kill myself just to feel alive
Sign on the dotted line
Puking blood and tonic wine

Dealer's wrapped in a wizard's cloak
Subdue me in a plume of smoke
First matter smeared on my gums
Senses crumble; my mind succumbs

Chaos in the instant
Escape from the prison
Bestow power; give a name
Chemicals cheating the brain

Pop a molly to numb the pain
Embrace the nothing in my veins
Drugs in my piss calcified
Metabolites in glaciers of ice

Along the way something got sucked in
Formula etched under my skin
Bird with broken eggs inside
The first matter never subsides

First matter smeared on my gums
Senses crumble; mind succumbs
First matter, I'm narcotised
Kill myself, feel alive
First matter, touch the sublime
There's residue left behind
First matter, tipping the scale
The equation's destined to fail

Beers, wines, spirits
Unwind my spirit
Searching for a fix
But something always sticks.