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World is everything that is the case
Cold and vast and unknowable place
Eyes to the sky; what do you see
Pyres of ancient memories

Peel apart your mind
Take a look inside
Confront your own abyss
Take stock of what's amiss
Space inside is greater
Than the one above your head
Infinitude of thoughts
Burden that can never be shed

Pinhole visions
Look within
Arcane secrets older than time
Eden's appleseeds locked therein
Symbols beyond division
Above reason
Walk across the razor's edge
Shatter the vessel; the order is beaten

Step of a reality scale
Insight of a hen's entrails
Formless gestures, empty words
Pictures of logic and the Rule of Thirds
Stay silent if you cannot speak
Truth and insight you choose to seek
They're elusive, they're unknown
Can be pointed to but never be shown
Shine a light in the dark
Words won't find their mark
Life in the next; not in the now
Won't be enslaved by a golden cow

Inculcate the codes
Ineluctable modes
Bled from the throat
Green sash, black cloak
Truth is just a word
Your knowledge is absurd
No shape, no size
I live; body dies
Empire of One
Fatherless son
Anchored to flesh
Gravity, sensation

As the pieces are replaced
Memory in logical space
Bone-dwelling omens are effaced
Extension beyond the plane
Self-knowledge is profaned
Our failure's in the blood
Borne within us since the flood
Chained to modality
You'll never touch reality.


from Recognition, released March 27, 2013



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