Prima Materia

from by Pulled Apart



Sample taken from Faust: The First Part of the Tragedy, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Loaded up on a crate of booze
Got nothing, nothing to lose
The scales weighted to one side
Kill myself just to feel alive
Sign on the dotted line
Puking blood and tonic wine

Dealer's wrapped in a wizard's cloak
Subdue me in a plume of smoke
First matter smeared on my gums
Senses crumble; my mind succumbs

Chaos in the instant
Escape from the prison
Bestow power; give a name
Chemicals cheating the brain

Pop a molly to numb the pain
Embrace the nothing in my veins
Drugs in my piss calcified
Metabolites in glaciers of ice

Along the way something got sucked in
Formula etched under my skin
Bird with broken eggs inside
The first matter never subsides

First matter smeared on my gums
Senses crumble; mind succumbs
First matter, I'm narcotised
Kill myself, feel alive
First matter, touch the sublime
There's residue left behind
First matter, tipping the scale
The equation's destined to fail

Beers, wines, spirits
Unwind my spirit
Searching for a fix
But something always sticks.


from Recognition, released March 27, 2013



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